Vintage Wedding Party


Serendipity: the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you’re not looking for it. Our vintage finds are a collection of serendipitous discoveries…re-imagined and customized to become a cake stand. Each has a unique story to tell.

Ball n Claw Foot

Grand Dame: this impressive cake stand began her life as a ceiling fixture in a 100-year old Victorian hotel. We inverted it, added silver conchos and swags of pearls. It speaks of an opulence of a time gone by.

Marble and Iron: originally created to be a petite Victorian footrest, we refinished it and added a thick slab of Italian Carrera marble.

Industrial Floor Grate: not to ignore the masculine side, we discovered these iron floor grates that are perfect for a groom’s cake. Framed by four, vintage ball and claw piano stool feet, we didn’t touch the finish on the grates…they’re aged to perfection.

Milagro: these ornate Milagros, a religious folk charm of Latin America, were found in a small gift shop and were sold as Christmas ornaments. Inspired by the intricate detail and the message of love, we created a unique-shaped cake stand to show off these beautiful works of art.

Carved Wood: I can’t take any credit for this one; just a charming plateau I came across in an elegant shop. This gem looks great round-side-up or square-side-up…tough decision; but you make the call. I love the chipped finish.

Three Tier Cupcake Stand: Who didn’t have an “antique relative” with one of these? Officially known as a Duncan Phyfe three tier pie crust table, this antique piece always seemed to be the perfect answer for showing off numerous cupcakes. We just gave it a lovely French grey finish with gold edging.

Two Tier Cupcake Stand: Isn’t this adorable? Our newest antique piece that begs to show off cupcakes and small desserts. We’ve added reeded glass for a nostalgic touch.

French Wire Cupcake Stand: Oo la la, j’adore Francais! Popular in the early nineteenth century as Victorian garden furniture, this two-tier replica adds a romantic touch to your event.


Formal gold silver wedding cake stand 18" to 22". Rent to Dallas Fort Worth DFW North Texas Brides rental.

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