Chanticleer Cupola

“Anything is an art if you do it at the level of an art.”  — Richard Avedon




As a studio artist, my original creations represent the true essence of Chanticleer Wedding Art. I design each piece then work with fabricators to bring each cake stand to life.

Whenever the design requires it, I integrate other materials such as marble, wood, glass, deer antlers, and the occasional repurposed antique. 

Listening to requests from the luxury bridal market, Chanticleer now carries extra large 26 inch cake stands, available for rent in the Dallas Fort Worth area…we are currently the only source of these larger cake stands.

To view selections from my fine art portfolio, click here:


cake stand acanthus leaves   SONY DSC

Linda Nibbles Wedding Cake Topper

about me:

my name is linda shobe…and I am that studio artist. rarely a day goes by that I’m not in my studio painting on something, including my paint-encrusted clothes. most often my energies are spent on large canvases; but putting the final touches on my cake stands come in a close second. tolerating my creative mess (which is better than idle tidiness) is my husband and business partner, mark, and our shop-dog, fig. just to let you know, I thrive on humor; so no telling what occasional funny cartoon or parody I’ll dream up. You’ll see them on Instagram.

Fig Resting Canon 50f14 (6)


Beneath the Cake Square PERFECT