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A few tidbits to nibble on…


Q. What if I don’t see a cake plateau size I need?

A. We love hearing from you — if you don’t find the size you need, please let us know.  We now offer extra large 26 inch cake stands! Our goal is to be your go-to source for hard-to-find sizes for rentals.


Q. Do you offer delivery/pick-up of rental items?

A. We are pleased to offer complimentary weekday delivery/pick-up service of cake stands within the greater Fort Worth area. Other options are available — please contact us for information.


Q. Can I pick-up and return the rental items myself?

A. Yes! If you would like to pick-up or return rental items yourself, please contact us for more information.


Q. Why are some of the cake plateaus so expensive to rent?

A. As you may have noticed, all of our cake plateaus are made from REAL marble, REAL deer antlers, REAL stained glass and so on. No resin, no plastic. Some of our cake stands are very labor intensive, and have components fabricated by as many as four different professional craftsmen. This is not a mass produced item. I have designed each one, and worked with artisans to bring my creations to life. The prices reflect the time and materials used.

We offer fancy cake stand rentals in the dallas fort worth dfw area.